Zachary Good and Lia Kohl are longtime collaborators (ZRL and Mocrep) and very good friends. Standing Lenticular is their first album as a duo. It sits somewhere between improvisation and composition, utilizing only acoustic contrabass clarinet and cello, overdubbed many, many times. It moves at a cloud's pace.

A standing lenticular is a turbulent cloud formation that often forms near mountain tops. Its name comes from the Latin word "lenticularis" meaning lentil-shaped. It is sometimes even compared to a stack of pancakes. Either way, we're hungry. Standing lenticular clouds form when air and moisture are forced perpendicularly upward by an obstruction (a mountain, for instance) and into a stable atmosphere. 


released September 23, 2020

Zachary Good, contrabass clarinet
Lia Kohl, cello
Composed and performed by Zachary Good and Lia Kohl
Recorded by Alex Inglizian at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago
Mastered by Zach Moore at Not Not
Album design by Lia Kohl
Photo by teenage Zachary Good

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