released July 30, 2021
on American Dreams Records

Zachary Good: clarinets, recorders
Lia Kohl: cello
Ryan Packard: percussion

Recorded at Edgar Miller’s Glasner Studio, Chicago IL (May 2019)

Mixed and mastered by Matt Mehlan at the Stuudio

Album design by Sonnenzimmer

arb is an album of original works for clarinet and bassoon performed and collaboratively composed by Zachary Good and Ben Roidl-Ward. Each track features interplay between coinciding clarinet and bassoon multiphonics. While these sounds are often regarded as unstable and harsh, Zach and Ben focus on their delicate nuances and harmonic functionality. Emerging from these multiphonics, independently and especially in combination, are acoustical and phenomenological experiences that create the illusion that more than two people are playing.
Released February 19th, 2021 on Carrier Records

Zachary Good - clarinet
Ben Roidl-Ward - bassoon

All tracks collaboratively composed by Zachary Good and Ben Roidl-Ward
Recorded by Zachary Good and Ben Roidl-Ward at The Pridmore in Chicago
Mixed by Ted Moore
Mastered by Matt Mehlan at the Stuudio
Original Artwork and Album Layout by Ben Llewellyn
Catalog #: Carrier 058

photo by Deidre Huckabay

Zachary Good and Lia Kohl are longtime collaborators (ZRL and Mocrep) and very good friends. Standing Lenticular is their first album as a duo. It sits somewhere between improvisation and composition, utilizing only acoustic contrabass clarinet and cello, overdubbed many, many times. It moves at a cloud's pace.

A standing lenticular is a turbulent cloud formation that often forms near mountain tops. Its name comes from the Latin word "lenticularis" meaning lentil-shaped. It is sometimes even compared to a stack of pancakes. Either way, we're hungry. Standing lenticular clouds form when air and moisture are forced perpendicularly upward by an obstruction (a mountain, for instance) and into a stable atmosphere. 


released September 23, 2020

Zachary Good, contrabass clarinet
Lia Kohl, cello
Composed and performed by Zachary Good and Lia Kohl
Recorded by Alex Inglizian at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago
Mastered by Zach Moore at Not Not
Album design by Lia Kohl
Photo by teenage Zachary Good

☁️ ☁️ ☁️

For Chris, Zach, Zachary, Alex, Lia, Deidre, Owen, Ryan, Amanda, Jenna, drum set, three guitars, electric bass, acoustic bass, three cellos, violin, sound effects from youtube, voices, recorders, clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, synthesizers, wurlitzer, nothing.
This is a collaborative debut album from Mocrep. This record is co-created and performed by Mocrep. This material includes: electronic and acoustic work, composed tunes and improvisations, recorded between the Spring of 2018 and the Spring of 2019.

Mocrep is nothing. Equal parts nothing, nothing, nothing, and nothing. Mocrep creates nothing and wants nothing. Originally created by nothing and for no purpose, it remembers nothing perceives nothing and reflects on nothing.

This album is an expression of fluid, multivalent relationship dynamics; associations which intersect artistic, spiritual, and practical planes. It is A Monument. It stands for experiences that define Mocrep for its members: intimate friendships, art crushes, sympathy, antipathy, and fear of missing out. It is a means of ensemble communication: how rare and reassuring it is to speak frankly to one another about the work we share. It is also a record that exposes to the listener how it is made: through earnest, not-at-all straight forward interpersonal negotiations, undertaken with effort and guaranteeing no particular outcome. It represents a great risk for nothing.

Released June 3, 2019
All songs written, performed, and recorded by Mocrep
Additional trombone contributions on track 16 by Nick Meryhew
Produced by Zachary Good, Chris Wood, and Zach Moore
Mixed by Zach Moore and Chris Wood at Not Not Studios
Mastered by Margaret Luthar at Chicago Mastering Service
Album artwork by Lia Kohl and Deidre Huckabay
Special thanks to Charles Glanders, Nick Meryhew, Pub Mix, David, Not Not, whomever cracked Ableton Live version 9.7 and put it on the Internet, Little Caesars pizza boxes

Physics for Listeners is a commissioned concert series that presents new work from Chicago composers working in contemporary classical, jazz/improvised, and experimental rock. At its core, Physics for Listeners is an exploration of the techniques and approaches of composers from distinct traditions.

With the input of ZRL, the project’s resident ensemble, Homeroom commissioned four composers to each create a unique composition collaboratively with the trio. While each of the composers is the main author of the music, the compositions were developed over several months in collaboration with ZRL.

Physics for Listeners encourages collaboration, experimentation, and dialogue amongst the composers and musicians, providing insight into the similarities and differences that define each composer and their approach, including how each works with the performing musicians.
creditsreleased June 1, 2019

Physics for Listeners: a Composers’ Concert is presented by Homeroom and features compositions by Ben LaMar Gay, OHMME, Sam Scranton, and Ayanna Woods composed in collaboration with and performed by ZRL.

Curated by ZRL, Deidre Huckabay, Aaron Rodgers, and Phillip Sudderberg.
Engineered, mixed, and digitally mastered by Alex Inglizian at Experimental Sound Studio.
Recordings produced by ZRL, Deidre Huckabay and Phillip Sudderberg.
Lacquers cut at Chicago Mastering Services. Vinyls pressed at Smashed Plastic Record Pressing. Jacket designed by ZRL.

Physics for Listeners is partially supported by grants from:
Cliff Dwellers Arts Foundation and Illinois Arts Council Agency.